Drake and Kennedy*Days after news broke of Drake making a surprise visit to a terminally ill high school student in Houston, the student’s father praised the rapper and revealed details surrounding the appearance..

On Monday, the patriarch Tony called into Houston’s 97.9 The Madd Hatta Morning Show to talk about his daughter Kennedy’s illness, how the situation brought his family together and the phone call he received from Drake’s people, which he thought was a prank.

Media sources report that the effort to reach out to Drake was made through Kennedy’s classmates, which utilized the power of social media to get the world out to Drake in hopes the rap star would come down. The effort proved successful as Drake hopped on the next flight out of LA to Houston to see Kennedy.

During the chat, Tony commented on the following:

How Drake found out about Kennedy & ended up surprising her
The six girls that were actually organizing the prom, the graduation, decided to do the ‘Drake for Kennedy’ hashtag to see if they could drum up enough social media interest in this whole idea and they were able to make it happen. It was truly amazing, man. Drake is really a nice guy. Down to earth. It was Drake and his whole crew. They came in, they settled in. They ate barbecue with us. Drake talked to my daughter [and] her friends the whole time. It was amazing how it happened. He’s a really down-to-earth nice guy.

Kennedy’s illness
Kennedy was diagnosed in July of 2012. It was right before school started so it was the end of the month. It was just a simple pick in her face that we decided to get checked out with her pediatrician that turned out to be a tumor.

There is a genetic trait that is in the family that doesn’t necessarily cause brain cancer because the likelihood of brain cancer happening in a child that age is less than one percent. So it’s very rare in her situation, but there was some hereditary connection there.

How the family is handling it
My sons, they understand what’s going on. I think it’s actually brought us closer together. We talk more. The kids are spending quality time with their sister.

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