Halle Berry in Extant (Dale Robinette/CBS)

Halle Berry in Extant (Dale Robinette/CBS)

*CBS has released a still from Halle Berry’s upcoming summer event series “Extant.”

The 47-year-old Oscar winner recently told People.com of her sci-fi series from Steven Spielberg, “Some of the best writing is on television right now. It is like the new golden age of television. As a woman, when I read this, it was such a strong character. I always gravitate toward strong, complicated woman characters. When I heard Steven Spielberg is a part of it, I thought, wow, that is another big reason to be a part of it.”

And it doesn’t hurt that the show films in Los Angeles.

“I really wanted to work in town and be with my kids,” she said. “I no longer can afford to have the gypsy life. There are others who are more important and who I need to think about. This allows me to stay home and still do something really creative and cool that I love.

“So far, it is a lot of work. It is long days, but at least I’m in the city where my kids are so I can see them and they can come visit me. I can tuck them in at night. I can see them every weekend.”

Speaking of her little ones, at this point, it isn’t looking like her older child Nahla, 7, is itching to be center stage.

“Sometimes she comes up with stuff and I am like, that was pretty good,” Berry said. “But no, she hasn’t got the acting bug. She isn’t even really sure what acting is. She thinks I am a real life princess that is what she tells her friends.”

“She sees me when I say, ‘I am going to work,’ and I am dressed up and wearing fancy dresses so she says you are a real princess why else would you be dressing up like that for work?”

“Extant” premieres on July 9 at 9 p.m. ET.