Flo Rida

*Flo Rida can wipe his forehead because he’s been cleared of his tax lien.

Although it’s unclear if he paid his debt in full, the government is happy about the Florida rapper paying his taxes.

At least he no longer owes 1,197,655 in back taxes from 2009 – 2011.

justin timberlake

*Justin Timberlake will start off a new season of Oprah Winfrey‘s “Master Class.”

In the new season, Timberlake reveals stuff about his journey he said, “I never told anybody that story.”

“In this all-new season, masters will be sharing the greatest lessons they’ve learned—from triumphs and failures to disappointments and heartbreaks. Plus, find out more about the all-star lineup, including Whoopi Goldberg, Tim McGraw, Robin Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton and Barbara Walters,” OWN reported.

Watch the promo below: