Tiffney Cambridge and Tony Gaskins *Notorious bad boy and rapper The Game’s alleged assault of his ex-fiancé Tiffney Cambridge has caused her to seek professional help.

Theybf.com reports that Cambridge is bringing in celebrity life and relationship coach Tony Gaskins to help her with the situation. According to reports, Game and Cambridge’s children were injured during the former couple’s altercation.

TMZ adds that Game supposedly yelled “Move the f*** out the way” and called Cambridge a “b*tch” as he as he ripped off her clothing continuously hitting her. Cambridge pair’s daughter, whose leg was bloodied at the time of the fight, was helped by Cambridge prior to her violent encounter with Game.

The Compton rapper allegedly held Cambridge and the kids hostage before letting them go. Upon going to the hospital the next day, Cambridge claims she discovered that her nose was broken.

The “Married to the Game” star took to social media to thank Gaskins for his help in getting her back on track.

“Thank u @tonygaskins for everything..all the talks, words of encouragement, guidance, and tough love are greatly appreciated. You’ve helped me so much on my journey,” Cambridge said. “You’re not only my life coach , you’re my friend.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what friends are for.