fly young red & dancers*Gay rapper Fly Young Red definitely got people talking about his new very explicit song, “Throw That Boy P***y,” which is so not safe for work, but can be watched here.

And as raunchy as the song might seem, he definitely made it to give gay people an anthem to play in gay clubs.

He dished to Fusion TV about his song, why he made it and why he brought some of the worst elements of hip hop in his video!

“I decided to create the video because I would go to gay clubs and I would see a lot of gay guys dancing to hip-hop music that rappers were talking to females,” Fly Young Red said.

He continued with:

“And I felt like, you know, I’m a gay rapper, I’m coming out with an album, I need a club song and I need something that everybody can dance to. And I wanted to direct the song directly to the gay guys who were dancing.”

He said gay men should have their own anthems in hip hop.

“Gay people who listen to hip hop, they shouldn’t have to change the word from girl to guy. They should have their own music, and I want to provide that outlet for them.”

People are divided on if the song is objectifying a new group of people or groundbreaking for creating a lane for gays in hip hop.

He said, he wanted to get people dancing, twerking and enjoying the music, although there will always be those with opinions.

If the world isn’t ready for him because he’s gay, they better get on board, he said.

“I’m here. So, if you’re not ready, you better get ready – I’m just joking.”

Watch the interview below: