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Onyx Monopoly

*“Hooked on Onyxx” Semi-Formal benefit Dinner.  Friday the April 11th at the Saban Theatre.

The purpose of the event is to raise money for When U Dream a Dream, so we can grant dreams for people who suffer or have suffered from abuse and addiction. Also, to raise awareness and give people the courage and strength to speak up, and talk about it. You can see how they are helped by visiting the charitable organization’s website:  www.whenudreamadream.org, or on youtube, www.youtube.com/user/whenudreamadreaminc

At the event we will be honoring:  Lawrence Pleskow and Maurice De’Pina president and vice president of When U Dream a Dream, for all that they have done and that they are doing. Also for allowing Onyxx to come on board, to grant dreams to people who have suffered from abuse and addiction.

Lance Sterling, for his contribution to music.  Lance has given opportunities to people and artists, and assisted in turning their dreams to reality; such as Tyler Perry, Dave Mathews, The Fugees and many more.  Lance is also the former owner of the Tabernacle Theatre, House of Blues and current owner of The Canyons and partner of the Saban theatre

La Talk Live:  For giving people a platform to be heard without filters.

There are a multitude of sponsors from Sterling Entertainment, Red Carpet Connections, Berri’s cafe of Beverly Hills, The’ cool, Erika’s elegant edibles, LRT Entertainment, Sparkletainment, Hair Elite and many more.  Follow Onyxx on Twitter @OnyxxMonolpoly for a full list and tweets about Sponsors.

About Onyxx:  as a person is a precious woman woven in the fabric of love, optimism, passion, and compassion, espousing empathy and understanding, of a true considerate nature. She is a fighter, who has survived great obstacles in her life from overcoming an eating addiction, losing over 100 pounds and alcoholism. Her radio program “Hooked on Onyxx” is a daring and self-reflective look at life, the battles we share; she leads the way as she openly shares her personal struggles. This takes guts; the fear of being ostracized doesn’t dissuade her from her life’s work, to educate all people on the obstacles that each one of us has crossed in this life.  Onyxx wants to raise awareness of the negative effects and disabilities from what our past can and will do to us as children and adults. It is very imperative to have and keep positivity, motivation and inspiration in our lives hence the motto of her radio show “Sharing motivation and inspiration through wisdom, experience and music.”

Also just announced:  Onyxx will be featured in Bill Dukes up and coming Documentary Light Girls.

Some of the Celebrities that will attend include:


Tehran Ghasri

Merrill Davis

Raphael Berry, Owner of Berri’s of Beverly Hills

Lance Sterling Former owner of The House of Blues, former owner of the Tabernacle Theatre in Atlanta, Owner of the Canyon Club in Agoura hills’, Partner of the Saban Theatre, Owner of Sterling entertainment.  www.articles.latimes.com/2014/mar/16/business/la-fi-himi-sterling-20140316

Lawrence Pleskow, Founder and President of When U Dream a Dream

Maurice De’Pina, Vice President of When U Dream a Dream

Jimmy Jean Louis (heroes)

TJ Gipson

Attorney Christopher Darden

Angelique Bates

Arif Kinchen

James Brock

Troy Wooten

Elke Madler

Jerry Bell of The Dazz Band

Kerry Gordy

Linda Hogan

More TBA


Jerry Bell, The Dazz Band

Apostolic boys

Tarsha Player


Tadhg Kelly


For Red Carpet Inquiries please contact Lynn Jeter from Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates 323-933-8007 [email protected];

Press Inquiries please contact Audra Cheek LRT Entertainment [email protected]

For more information about the event [email protected]

“Tell me I cannot do something… And I will move the heavens and earth, just to prove you wrong. I am Unlimited, one woman many possibilities…”


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