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*The infamous duo Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds that bring plenty of laughs got serious on the topic of Donald Sterling, well … almost serious.

As they sat down with EURweb associate, LaCora Stephens to discuss new reality show, “This is Hot 97,” they exposed LaCora to some “Realness,” a popular segment on their show.

Truth be told, Rosenberg explained, “It’s not technically ‘over’ until he doesn’t own the team anymore.”

He prefaces this by using a story by Homeboy Sandman, entitled, “Black People are Cowards.” He admitted that the headline is a troll, but the article is deep and states that Black people didn’t do enough about the situation and was disappointed about the lack of action. And as a matter of fact, all people are cowards. Rosenberg expresses that preserving legacy, contrary to LaCora’s thought, has nothing to do with it at the end of the day. It’s about money. Cipha mocked, “Oh noooo … he won’t be able to attend the games?” Big deal.

Bottom line, Donald Sterling, according to Rosenberg, is an irrelevant, unimportant random rich dude. He didn’t do anything illegal; being an azzhole is not illegal. Do you feel Donald Sterling being banned for life and fined 2.5 million is enough or do you agree with Rosenberg that it won’t be “over” until he is forced to sell team?

Watch and decide.