debbie rowe & jackson brothers

*It seems the Jackson brothers are not about to let Debbie Rowe waltz in and take guardianship of Prince and Paris from the kids’ grandmother Kathryn.

They don’t have a problem reminding everyone that is was Rowe who had no problem ditching the kids for cash after they were born and now all of a sudden she’s feeling motherly for them.

“[The children] are well loved and well taken care of. We are quite taken back that Ms. Rowe has decided now to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money,” Tito, Randy, Jermaine, and Jackie told TMZ.

The brothers are referring to Debbie agreeing to give MJ full custody of Prince and Paris after giving birth to them … in exchange for a lump sum of money.

The brothers insist the Jackson family — Katherine included — wants only the best for Prince and Paris, adding:

“Our only desire is to see our niece and nephews continue to go on with happy, healthy and safe lives. We will do everything and anything with in our power to help make that happen.”

As we reported, Rowe says she’s going to file legal docs asking the judge to appoint her guardian so she can move the children to her ranch in Palmdale CA, where she has a business raising and breeding horses.