john singleton vanity fair

*John Singleton’s next project is a drama series for Showtime set in 1984 Los Angeles – the time period depicted in his debut feature “Boyz In The Hood.”

The filmmaker is set to direct and co-write “Snowfall,” which traces the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. Allegedly fueled by CIA involvement stemming from the Iran-Contra affair, the drug started flowing to the U.S. in 1984, with Los Angeles as the first city to get hit hard.

The story will be told through the eyes of a young black kid from Compton, a Mexican wrestler and a CIA agent charged with running money to the Contras.

According to, the project is described as being in the vein of “Boyz In The Hood,” which earned Los Angeles native Singleton writing and directing Oscar nominations, meets “The Wire.”

The script is co-written by Eric Amadio, who, like Singleton, is originally from LA. He previously developed an NFL drama at Starz