christ bearer

*The most famous man to have his penis severed has weighed in on the latest case.

Earlier this week, rapper Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson – who belonged to the group Northstar and worked with members of the Wu-Tang Clan – made headlines after cutting off his penis and jumping from a building in an apparent suicide attempt.

An attempt to reattach Johnson’s penis reportedly failed. But if anyone can relate to his trauma, it is John Wayne Bobbitt.

In 1993, Bobbitt became a household name after his frustrated wife Lorena grabbed a kitchen knife and sliced off his manhood. While he lay bleeding and wailing on the bed, she tossed his prized possession out into the fields of Virginia. She later caught up with reality and called 911. The former Marine, then 26, underwent a successful reattachment surgery.

“You have got to get lucky. And it’s about the doctors and it’s about time. You only have a certain amount of time to get the tissue to the doctors to reassess and get you to surgery to reattach you, and for it to work, because as the tissue starts to decompose the less likely it will survive the operation,” Bobbitt told FOX411. “Mine was in the early morning, it was still cool, so initially with mine I put it on ice… [With the rapper] it probably didn’t work because it was hot outside and you only have a couple of hours. The warmer it is the less time you have.”

John Wayne Bobbit

John Wayne Bobbitt

But beyond the physical, nothing could have prepared Bobbitt for the mental struggles that he would endure.

“It’s a traumatic experience, it hits you not only physically but also seriously mentally, and it definitely [causes] deep emotional pain and depression,” he said.

So with reattachment efforts for Johnson a reported failure, where does this leave the rapper?

“This can be a very tricky surgery, so depending on how he cut it, it may be very difficult to reattach,” California-based medical expert, Dr. Damon Raskin fold FOX 411. “The doctors would have to put a drain in his kidneys called a nephrostomy tube so that he could get rid of urine in the case that there is absolutely no penis left. Of course, he could not have intercourse again.”

TMZ first reported that attempts to surgically reattach his genitals at L.A. hospital Cedars-Sinai were unsuccessful.