Shameless Hussy is  former Mary Jane Girl Joanne Funderburg's latest release.

Shameless Hussy is former Mary Jane Girl Joanne Funderburg’s latest release.

*Joanne “JoJo” MuDuffie-Funderburg has no shame in her game.

She was a music and style icon in the 80’s as the lead vocalist in Rick James’ inspired girl group du jour “The Mary Jane Girls.” Jo Jo, Candi, Maxi and Cheri blazed the charts and toured the world with hits like All Night Long, In My House, The Boys, Candy Man and more.

Rick James is a treasured memory and the Mary Jane Girls are no more but Jo Jo’s zest for the music industry has not missed a beat, though some chapters were more eventful than others.

Jo Jo’s current “Shameless Hussy” project is a collection of dance inspired tracks that showcase a range from Euro-pop to R&B.  Jo Jo hopes to delight her old school fans as well on tunes like “C’mon” or “UR Kiss.”

Jo Jo describes her new album as ‘not your daughter’s music.’  For the curious minded, she is not in contact with the other Mary Jane Girls at this time, but she definitely tries to include cuts from their cartel of hits whenever she performs.

The “Shameless Hussy EP” project is available at