Joy Bryant and Tyree Brown play mother and son – Jasmine and Jabbar Braverman – in NBC’s “Parenthood”

*Joy Bryant says the acting tools she’s picked up on the set of her NBC day job “Parenthood” – around such talent as Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Craig T. Nelson and Dax Shepherd – has only benefitted her craft in gigs outside of the show, like the role of Debbie in her recent film “About Last Night.”

“I don’t think I would’ve approached playing Debbie the way that I did if it weren’t for ‘Parenthood,’” Bryant told us in an interview. “I get to work everyday on the show with really talented people and great material, and they give us a lot of freedom to do what we want to do. And I watch and observe and learn from people who are really amazing at improv and who seem very effortless in their delivery.”

Lauren Graham and Joy Bryant in the episode "Limbo" - NBC's "Parenthood" (Season 5)

Lauren Graham and Joy Bryant in the episode “Limbo” – NBC’s “Parenthood” (Season 5)

Bryant admits that rust tends to settle in when  big screen roles are few and far between. But “Parenthood,” she says, allows her to “stay fresh” during the dry spells.

Listen below.

“Parenthood” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC. Below, Jasmine and Crosby have been dealing with a mold issue all season. On tonight’s episode, it looks as if nothing’s changed.