*For your tax day viewing pleasure, “Judge Mathis” on Tuesday, April 15, is offering a special episode full of cases relating to income tax disputes.

A Clymer, NY man is suing his estranged wife for an income tax refund and claims that after they split up, his ex became a neglectful mother to their children.

Also, a Las Vegas woman says that not only has her sister failed to repay a loan with her tax return—she’s gotten them banned from at least ten different clubs for drunken fights.

Additionally, a La Porte, IN woman says her brother-in-law owes her unpaid rent he promised he would pay after his income taxes — and that wasn’t the only reason she kicked him out of her home.

Finally, a Buffalo, NY man is suing his former friend for babysitting fees and furniture that the defendant promised she’d pay when her tax refund came.