Kandi Burruss

*Kandi Burruss is making headlines as of late.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and businesswoman recently got married to Todd Tucker whom her mother Mama Joyce infamously doesn’t like.

At their wedding, there was apparently some drama too, which Bravo hasn’t released an air date for just yet. And there’s been so much talk about it.

It’s only fitting for Burruss to talk with the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” about her marriage drama, “RHOA” reunion drama and that infamous Fantasia toast drama at the wedding.

And as for her castmates Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams who got into a short brawl at the “RHOA” reunion taping, Burruss has an interesting opinion on who should leave the show.

“I don’t think anybody needs to be kicked off the show. We had a record-breaking season and I think everyone needs to come back,” she said. “Even the newest housewife, Peter [Thomas]. I feel like he’s hilarious.”

She continued with, “you don’t want anybody boring on the show,” she said.

And speaking of boring, her wedding special will be anything, but that!

“Our wedding special is going to be off the chain,” she said. “Y’all are not going to wanna miss that.”

Nevertheless, there will be some drama. Apparently, Tucker had some issues with the prenup.

“He always said that he would sign it, but I guess after he had met with his attorney they were bringing up stuff that they felt like was unfair. It wasn’t anything to do with the money part,” she explained. “My attorney had added some things…that would normally be in a will… It was some extra stuff.”

But that’s not the only wedding, marriage drama. Everyone’s been talking about that Fantasia wedding toast.

“It really wasn’t that serious,” she revealed. “I hate that people tried to turn it into something else. It didn’t bother me at all. I was laughing my butt off. I thought it was funny. She had a drink or two, so she was feeling good.”

Burruss continued with, “she’s supposed to feel comfortable around me. It bothered me that people tried to make more out of it than what it really was.”

But overall, all the wedding drama was minor, and she’s enjoying the married life.

“Everyday that I can say something like, ‘Yeah, my husband said…’ I get the biggest kick out of it,” she said. “It feels amazing.”