Detroiter Keir is on a mission

*Of all the uncertainty that beleaguers the City of Detroit, one thing for sure is that a poet and music producer known as Keir (pronounced key-air) is on a mission.

He has created some of the most uplifting music to combat the negative imagery promoting drugs, sexual promiscuity, and violence that permeates today’s music scene.

Keir is on a course to raise levels of consciousness and help build-up the community by offering solutions.

The former automotive engineer early on followed his dream to produce poetry/music and encourages others during these tough economic times to pursue their own dreams.  “These times provide a golden opportunity for many to follow after their dreams,” said Keir. “Many people did not have time in the past to pursue their dreams, because they were working too many hours. Start where you are, use the resources that you have, no matter how limited they may be. When I first started out all that I had was a pen, paper and a dream. The dream turned into a plan. The plan has produced four poetry and music CD’s.”

Keir has an impressive track record: He has opened for Dr. Bill Cosby, R&B Artist Dwele and The Last Poets.  He has performed for the legendary Actress Ruby Dee and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.  The music behind his poetry is a fusion of jazz, neo-soul and gospel and is for all ages. He writes all of his poetry, composes all of his music, performs, records and mixes all of his tracks.

Keir added, “Instead of [just] talking about how negative some of the music is today, I decided to do something to offset the problem by offering music with positive poetry and substance. My poetry is comforting for anyone dealing with unemployment, layoffs, worries, hard times, or bad days in general.  It’s also inspirational for people who desire to follow their dreams, love, and peace. I perform three different types of poetry, which is more than what the average spoken word poet performs.”

Keir worked for one of Detroit’s “Big Three” automobile companies as a supervisor and industrial engineer. After he was downsized he devoted his full attention to writing poetry and music production. His poetry and music CD’s are available for purchase online at His “Never Give Up” CD is available at, itunes and; his current CD Keir “Keep Moving Forward” is available at , itunes and I was very impressed with the tracks I listened to.

Keir welcomes the opportunity to perform and to present spoken word poetry workshops. Contact him for bookings at email [email protected].