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*(Via Politico) – The first open enrollment season of Obamacare ended at midnight Monday, a day that saw millions of Americans click onto Obamacare sign-up portals, dial into call centers and stand in long lines at assistance sites nationwide.

The huge surge made it increasingly likely that enrollment would hit 7 million, the finish line that seemed out of reach during much of the often rocky six-month period.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the Associated Press cited two sources that said sign-ups were “on track” to hit 7 million. Administration officials wouldn’t confirm the number but said that signs were pointing in that direction.

The HealthCare.Gov website took down enrollment forms just after midnight and displayed a new message that will transition people into a “special enrollment” period.

“Don’t worry,” it said. “We’ll still help you get the coverage you need for this year.”

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