laz alonso
*Despite posting tweets that seemingly support embattled LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling,  actor Laz Alonso is not standing behind the controversial executive.

The backlash against the actor stems from comments made by him on Twitter. Upon looking at the tweet, Twitter users did not hesitate to give Alonso a piece of their mind for what they felt was a defense of Sterling’s racist comments

The following is Alonso’s tweet:

“Why r they makin such a big deal about #DonaldSterling? He was arguing with his girl who was clearly baiting him 2 say those things @clippers … In arguments of passion & despair people say horrible things they dont truly feel @clippers @ESPNLosAngeles #DonaldSterling … Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!! #Relax #emotions #passion @NBA @ESPNLosAngeles … Everybody acts holier than thou until u do the same. Dude was feeling insecure. End of story.”

To clear the air on his misunderstood tweet, Alonso took to Twitter again. According to the actor, the tweet was not meant to show support for Sterling. Instead, the “Jumping the Broom” star revealed that his comments pertained to a different perspective about intimate conversations between two adults.

“Lets take 4 example all the people calling names & being rude when I’m trying 2 hav a discussion. Do ur words right now define who u are?”, tweeted Alonso. “Have u ever said something in an argument w ur lover & apologized afterwards? Emotions r high when ur in love. That distinction was my point.”

Hmm, you want to be a lot more, shall we say, lucid … when you tweet about Sterling, Mr. Alonso.  He’s not exactly popular right now.  And you wouldn’t want any of his stank to rub off on you.