From The Rough*’The rough’ is the hard to maneuver, unsavory area that makes things difficult to traverse.

This Friday, LeToya Luckett stars alongside Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson and the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the latest sports drama, “From The Rough.”

From The Rough

The film’s title is derived from a golf term that refers to an area of the golf course outside smooth terrain. Based on the true story of Dr. Catana Starks, “From The Rough” portrays the inspiring journey of the former Tennessee State golf coach.

Luckettt, who plays a student mentored by Coach Starks talked to EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas about the significance of the movie and life on set.

EUR: What about the script made you want to play this role?

LeToya Luckett: It was a different character for me. Playing a college student is something I’ve never done before. And because Taraji P. Henson was attached to the project…’I was like no way!’ I have to be a part of this film. Plus, Michael Clarke Duncan…I am a fan of both of them!

coach catana starks

EUR: Why is it important to share Dr. Catana Starks’s story?

LeToya Luckett: A woman of power…you don’t get to see a lot. It’s rare that you get to see someone in her position. The first African-American woman to coach a men’s NCAA Division I golf team! To see her strive and take something that no one believed in, is amazing! She pulled from all parts of the world and helped to develop these boys into men. To know that a woman did that on her own, by herself, and with no support…is remarkable.

LeToya Luckett EUR: What do you remember about working with Michael Clarke Duncan?

LeToya Luckett: It was a pleasure working with him on one of his last films. I think people will be inspired by him and his role in this film. I am blessed to have shared the screen with him.

EUR: What was it like on the set of “From The Rough?”

LeToya Luckett: We became this little family. We were in New Orleans and we went to the ‘Legends Of Hip Hop’ show. Michael Clarke Duncan was rocking out and jamming. I remember jumping on his back…and somebody snapped a photo of it! Just to see him, in his element and doing his thing was my favorite moment with him.

LeToya Luckett

EUR: Do you golf in real life?

LeToya Luckett: I don’t! I heard its great! It looks peaceful. I used to think it was boring because it was so quite…now it looks relaxing. I might have to try it.

“From The Rough” hits theaters April 25th.