Lionel Richie *“Can’t Slow Down” may have been the name of one of Lionel Richie’s albums in the ‘80s, but it might as well be the motto he lives by now.

The former Commodore opened up during a telephone interview about why he embarks on a world tour every other year as he revealed that he has no plans to slow down anytime soon. According to the vocalist, the outing is the perfect time for him to stay in shape.

“I have friends that have gym memberships. After work, they go to the gym and work out for two hours,” Richie explained. “I can join a gym and work out for two hours… or I can go on a world tour, work out for two hours on stage, get the same effect and get paid! On top of that, I have a great time in each city!”

With 64 years of living under his belt, Richie stated that he felt extremely fortunate that he could keep touring.

“I think I am lucky the music stayed around,” said the singer, who will perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 14 as part of his All the Hits All Night Long concert tour. With his longevity, Richie added that he has managed to garner new fans, teenagers and young adults to his shows with classic hits such as “Hello”, “Say You, Say Me” and “All Night Long.”

The Singapore stop, which the entertainer said would have some “surprises” for fans, will mark the first time in about five years since Ritchie last played there.

If you thought he would settle back in the states and rest for bit after the tour, think again. Richie confessed that he will spend a few more months performing stateside before seriously getting back to work on recording not one, but two new albums.

“I am actually doing two albums at the same time right now,” the five-time Grammy award winner shared. I’m working with the world’s greatest deejays to recreate some of the music I’ve already done, and I’m finishing up my second big album. That’s going to be my new material. It’s about time to put out some new songs. I am writing them right now.”

Although he’s got a full workload, don’t expect Richie to fall back and retire. It’s just not in the plan, according to the entertainer.

“My retirement plan is to keep going!” he said while joking about how “tragic” his work ethic has become. “‘Retirement’ comes from the notion that you had a ‘job’. ‘Retirement’ has never been in my vocabulary, because I’ve never had a ‘job’. I’ve been jobless my whole life. It’s a tragic story.

“When I joined The Commodores, it was not supposed to be a career,” Richie continued. “This was supposed to be something we did on the weekends while we were going to school. My hobby became my livelihood, which is the best thing you could ever ask for.”