Edward Pitts

Edward Pitts was buried without his family being notified by mortuary.

*Inglewood, Calif. – Inglewood’s Simpson Family Mortuary is making news again–this time for burying a Veteran without notifying the family so that they could be there.

Edward Pitts’ family filed a civil lawsuit alleging that they paid Simpson’s Family Mortuary to work with the Veteran’s Affairs Department to bury Pitts with full military honors–and that the funeral director agreed to contact the family once a burial date had been set.

Jamilah Pitts, the daughter of Edward Pitts, claimed that despite repeated phone calls to the mortuary to confirm a date, workers there went ahead with a burial, and reportedly told the family they had already conducted the ceremony.

What’s worse, Jamilah Pitts said it was still unclear if the person laid to rest was actually her father.

In 2012, Simpson’s Family Mortuary of Inglewood made news when the family of Darlene Davidson told the morticians that the woman in the open casket wasn’t Davidson.  Simpson’s argued that it was her and that she looked different because she had been embalmed and she was sick. Simpson’s finally acknowledged that the woman it buried was not 82-year-old Darlene Davidson.