Nick Cannon America Got Talent

Model and media personality Nick Cannon attends the “America’s Got Talent” red carpet event at Madison Square Garden on April 4, 2014 in New York City 

*The boo birds came out in force for Nick Cannon during a Knicks game this week at Madison Square Garden this week.

Mariah Carey’s husband was shooting a segment for “America’s Got Talent” on April 2 during halftime of the Knicks vs. Nets game. According to TMZ, producers came out first and asked the crowd to cheer, but when Nick took the floor, the crowd just let him have it.

At one point, Nick shouted, “Go ahead. Boo louder. Get it outta your system!” But the reverse psychology didn’t work.

Eventually, Nick tried to pull off a trick shot (with the help of producers), but that didn’t stop the booing either.

Watch below.