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BRAVO’s Married to Medicine has returned with new faces, new drama and more entertainment.One of the more surprising story lines involves cast member and show creator Mariah Huq and her former best friend, Quad Webb-Lunceford. In an exclusive interview with media partner, Mariah speaks out for the first time about what she believes ended their friendship. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen Bee’ also gives insight on criticism about her mother (Ms. Lucy), Kari Well’s departure from the show and the pressure she’s experience on reality TV.

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On what began to unravel Mariah’s friendship with Quad:

“She felt like they made her look like my do-girl or my puppet and she felt like she was a little bit subservient and she didn’t like that. Instead of realizing that I didn’t control that, I feel as though she took it out on me…we bumped heads on that. So she started treating me a certain way and I made the comment to her then she said something about–I was mad because she was more famous then me.

As the creator of ‘Married to Medicine’, what she initially envisioned for the show:

InInitially, I envisioned a group of women that were either married to medicine in terms of their career or married to someone that was a medical doctor. Coming together and being cohesive, talking about their struggles and their sacrifices and you know, you always have drama when there is a group of women together but I just thought it would be just a little more comradery probably.

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