*Sonya Miller wants $67 million from her estranged husband Master P.

She filed legal documents in their divorce stating the estimated value of their community assets is $178,743,300 — including 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies, etc.

But her son, Romeo Miller, told TMZ she doesn’t deserve 40% of everything just yet, but she should be focused on motherhood.

“Honestly, I love my mom to death, but I mean — we gotta just work out some things. She gotta be a better parent, y’know.”

This might be in reference to Master P claiming she smokes marijuana around their children, which she denied.

And she might live with Romeo, but he’s on his dad’s side.

Nevertheless, she wants eight of the real estate properties across California, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia.

She wants one of the their three large chandeliers (which is valued at $300,000 a piece).

She wants $54 million from his businesses valued at  $136,101,000 — including No Limits Records.

She wants $10 million from “Make ‘Em Say Ughh” energy drinks. Also, she wants her $28,000 wedding dress and an Escalade.

In total, she wants $67,647,800 and this will leave Master P with $111,095,500. It’s safe to say he might say “ughh,” but he’ll be just fine.

Watch Romeo Miller’s words on his mother: