Nixon, Alexsandra Wright,

*In the photo above, Nixon Alexander Knowles  – and his mother, Alexsandra Wright – have emotional moments as they have to move out their home.

The mother-son-duo are putting their belongings in storage and are temporarily moving into a shelter.

And it’s all because Matthew Knowles has failed to pay Wright child support.

Knowles’ child support payments were reduced last month to $2,485 a month, but he has to make up for his missed payments.

The former manager of daughter Beyonce made $127K last year instead of the $3M he made a year as her manager.

His expenses are still $51K a month and he now has to make liquid his assets in order to make up for the shortfall.

Knowles owes $44,289.32 in back child support (as of March 1) — leading to the state of California preparing to file contempt charges.

“The state’s file is mostly prepared. He has now been served with several documents regarding cases being opened from various agencies.”

But of course, he denied owing child support and said some paperwork was messed up.

But this situation has always been a mess!

alexsandra wright cries,

First, he’s never met his son, Nixon. Wright telling Inside Edition’s Jim Monet, “you’ve seen more of my son than he has.”

Secondly, his daughters, Beyonce and Solange, no longer speak to him since he  cheated on their mother Tina Knowles with his mistress.

Thirdly, Wright and her son have to wait to receive the back child support in order to make their next move.

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