michael b jordan - sprite films

Sprite Films celebrity mentor and actor Michael B. Jordan attends CinemaCon in Las Vegas with the 2014 student filmmaker finalists (photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Sprite Films)

*He caught our attention as drug dealer Wallace on The Wire, he raised eyebrows in All My Children and Friday Night Lights, but it was in 2013 he stole our hearts and held our attention in the critically acclaimed film Fruitvale Station. He has everyone talking, watching, and searching to know more about him.

Michael B. Jordan has far more acting and modeling under his belt. Michael started out as a model for Toys ‘R Us, appeared on the Cosby Show, the voice of Victor Stone/Cyborg in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and more recently he co-stared in That Awkward Moment (where I must admit I could not keep my eyes off of him).

But Michael B. Jordan has all eyes on him now since he has joined the national film competition, Sprite Films, as an ambassador and mentor. Sprite Films debuts original short films of six student filmmaker finalists who have demonstrated a passionate pursuit of self-expression in filmmaking. Michael will meet the students and offer advice based on his first-hand experience working in Hollywood.

“What’s a dream without action or a talent without a stage to set it free?”

His reason for joining Sprite Films is his belief in paying in forward. He feels “the filmmaking community needs to support each other.” He wants to give the next generation of filmmakers the same backing he received from the four first-time directors that helped launch his career and those who have taken a chance on him to get him to obtain all that he have achieved in his career.

“Each year Sprite Films finds student filmmakers who have it – the fearlessness and dedication to pursue their passion for film– and supports them to grow their dreams on a national platform. I’m lending my support by meeting with the student finalists to share my story as an actor and what I have learned from my mentors.”

So what does the film industry’s Jordan want to share with students?  “Be collaborative, always be prepared, and never settle.” This is important because just as in all other fields the next generation has “a pulse on what’s new, what’s next.” And some encouraging words of wisdom Michael B. Jordan received from Matthew McConaughey  was to look at whatever fear he may have [as a young actor] and note “when it’s a healthy fear” and to “embrace it and move forward.”

“Our partnership with Michael B. Jordan underscores our commitment for connecting opportunity with experience,” says Kimberly Paige, Associate Vice President, Sprite Brands, Coca-Cola North America.

Michael B. Jordan has already won us over with his great acting, smooth GQ swag, and now mentoring, but one little known fact made his name that much more relevant. Recently Michael B. showed the world how well he can read the court just like that other Jordan. TMZ released a video that quickly passed around the social media realm of the Friday Night Lights star in a celebrity basketball league. In the video below Michael is seen cross fading and “breaking the ankles” of his anonymous opponent who has been deemed dead on the court.  When we asked Mr. Jordan about it, he didn’t want to clown the dude, however …

“I don’t want to put my dude on blast, but don’t let the name fool you,” said the 27-year-old actor quipped about his vicious handles.

On the D, Michael is also seen stealing the ball and basically cutting the extras off the courts. Be on the lookout for him as The Human Torch in the upcoming 2015 film The Fantastic Four.

Check him out Michael B. Jordan doing his namesake proud:


Sprite Films champions the nation’s student filmmakers who thirst for self-expression through film. Finalists from film schools around the country have been selected by Sprite in 2014 and given a shot at creating their own short films. The Sprite Films program was formerly the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award, which was presented annually by Coca-Cola beginning in 1998. The Sprite brand will continue to engage student filmmakers nationwide with real-life challenging opportunities to leverage their talents, ignite fresh thinking and realize their potential for greatness behind the camera and beyond.