*Roughly two weeks after reports emerged that Michael Strahan would be taking on a part-time role with Good Morning America, the ABC morning show made the move official on Tuesday morning, introducing the Live co-host as the show’s newest correspondent.

The former New York Giants star was introduced with a montage of photos from his childhood and career in the NFL, accompanied by Pharrell’s “Happy” and a voiceover of Strahan himself joking about how beloved and multitalented he is.

“So when you can do it all, what do you do next? Well, we’ve got good news for you, America, your mornings just got happier, ’cause now it’s time to say good morning to Michael as he comes to Good Morning America,” Strahan said before introducing himself and strutting down a red carpet at GMA’s Times Square studios.

After he reached the anchor desk he was gifted with a new alarm clock, which he pointed out didn’t display the correct time (“So if I’m late for my first day, it’s George’s fault, because he gave me a clock that’s not set for the right time”), and an extra-large coffee mug.

“The way you and Kelly [Ripa] stepped in, especially when Robin [Roberts] was away and dealing with her transplant, was so special to all of us,” George Stephanopoulos told Strahan.

“It’s a pleasure to get up early, because you guys have been so good to us as well, and Kelly and I really appreciate it,” the former NFL star said. “It’s a family.”

Starting next week, Strahan will make appearances on “GMA” a few times a week before heading uptown to co-host “Live,” helping to correct the gender imbalance created by the departure of Josh Elliott, which left Stephanopoulos as GMA’s lone male co-host.

“You’re going to take on some of the stories that you love and we will be so happy to hear your opinions on,” “GMA” news anchor Amy Robach said in describing Strahan’s role on the show.

Lara Spencer said he is a “super-sized personality who deserves a super-sized coffee cup” and gave him a giant mug. “This is the only coffee cup that makes my hands look small,” said Strahan with a smile. “If I drink all this, there will be one heck of a good morning, America.”

Robin then threw it to Strahan, who introduced “Dancing With the Stars” newly booted cast-offs, Cody Simpson and his partner Witney Carson. They pushed in a wheelbarrow filled with Stahan’s favorite snack, Sour Patch Kids. “Sugar and coffee in the morning! Good Morning America!” said Strahan, holding his goodies high above his head.

He stuffed a bunch of the candy along with the clock into his mug and said he had to head uptown to host the “Kelly & Michael” show. “I’ll see you guys soon.”

“Next week,” noted Stephanopoulos.

Strahan continues to work as an analyst for Fox NFL Sunday, and although he was somewhat of a surprise pick to replace Regis Philbin alongside Ripa on “Live,” he has proved capable in the daytime arena, appealing to the core female demographic that makes up the bulk of morning television viewers.

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