*”Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith‘s sex tape has been the talk of the week.

Faust probably loves the attention surrounding her sex tape (she did make a deal with Vivid Entertainment).

But with negative responses and backlash, Faust had to respond sooner than later. And she did respond… well… sort of.

She responded with the Instagram meme below:

So there it is! No one talking negatively about her pays her bills, so she wants her haters to hush!

But if anyone is paying her bills, she is! The reality star reportedly made $100,000 off of her sex tape.

Nevertheless, maybe she did see the backlash coming with this Instagram meme below:

Well, if anything is for sure, Faust and Smith are enjoying their life together.

mimi faust, nikko smith, nightlife

The couple were recently seen out at an Atlanta nightclub. And she doesn’t seem worried about anything.

MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta” will be released later this month.