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*50 Cent is the target of a lawsuit from a disgruntled video vixen who claims he defamed her via social media.

Model Sally Ferreira, who appeared in 50’s “Big Rich Town” video, says the rapper cost her work in the music video industry after falsely accusing her of leaking behind-the-scenes photos of the pair in a bid to spread rumors suggesting they were dating last month.

He then publicly insulted her in posts on his Instagram and Twitter pages, she claims. One offending post featured a snap of the two together, alongside the caption, “Warning: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty (money-grabbing) video b**ch.”

sally ferreira

Sally Ferreira

Ferreira, who is engaged to her boyfriend of nine years, insists the baseless allegations ruined her blossoming career and has turned her into an object of public ridicule.

She filed suit in New York’s Manhattan Federal Court on Thursday and is demanding a multi-million dollar payout, citing extreme emotional distress.

In the papers, her lawyer states, “Mr. Jackson knew his posting would be widely circulated and published to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of individuals and entities.”

50 Cent, whose Twitter blog has 7.4 million followers, deleted the posts in question hours after uploading them – an action Ferreira’s lawyer claims was “in recognition of his wrongdoing.”