*Uh oh! Don’t miss with a lioness’ cubs!

Monica‘s younger son’s foreign language teacher learned that the hard way.

She almost fought the teacher for becoming physically aggressive with her son.

The “Everything to Me” singer admitted her older son Rodney is good at following rules and orders, but her younger son Romelo’s tests her with questions.

But she said his teacher was definitely out of line.

“She decided it was Ok to snatch him by his collar and to throw him into the cubicle because he wasn’t sitting in the proper seating position,” Monica explained to Sister 2 Sister. “We don’t have the button for me to tell you what type of mom I am when you put your hands on mine and it’s not warranted.”

She continued with, “if you tell him to do something and he’s not done it, that’s a different thing.”

But this teacher gained a track record of being too aggressive with the children of the classroom.

“The children in the classroom began to share these stories of her pinching, pushing, squeezing hands until you get answers correct. She don’t belong ’round mine,” Monica revealed.

But luckily for that teacher, Monica didn’t actually go toe-to-toe with her. She took everything in her not to utilize her anger negatively.

“I took a minute. I did not leave my home immediately because I knew my immediate reaction would be one that I didn’t even want my children to see,” she said. “I had to check me first, and that takes a lot. The new me is a better me. The old me…”

She did the right thing by going to school’s principal.

“I was able to have a conversation with the principal,” Monica said “to say, ‘we should talk with these children and her and assess a situation.’”

She continued with being involved in all her children’s school affairs, “and that’s sometimes what you may have to do but that’s only when you’re properly involved. Most parents jump in only when they think something is wrong,” she said, ” I was able to make a good decision and handle it properly because I’m always involved.”

Let’s hope this situation was resolved and that teacher was disciplined.