Shanesha Taylor

*Never doubt the kindness of strangers. Especially when it concerns a mother trying to provide better life for herself and her kids.

Reports say that so far Shanesha Taylor has received over $99,000 in donations with help from a New Jersey good Samaritan named Amanda Bishop. Taylor has been in the news after being arrested last month for leaving her 2-year-old son and 6-month-old baby in her Dodge Durango while on an interview with a Scottsdale, Phoenix insurance company. According to media sources, the key to the vehicle was still in the ignition and the windows were rolled down an inch when a witness found the infant crying and sweating. Temperatures in the Durango exceeded 100 degrees.

Since Taylor’s story broke, reaction has been mixed with debate raging in and outside of the courtroom. Although prosecutors have stated that Taylor’s actions put her children in danger, it’s unclear at this time whether she will face time in jail or loose custody of her children.

For Bishop, Taylor’s situation struck a personal nerve. With her growing up with a family that didn’t have much money and a mother that sometimes had to make “not the greatest choices” in order to provide for her and her siblings, Bishop could relate to Taylor. Although Bishop’s goal was to raise $9,000 via to pay for Taylor’s lawyer fees, her expectations were more than met when the goal was reached in four days and then exceeded by thousands of dollars.

While some may label Taylor a child abuser, there are just as many, including Bishop, who commend the mother of two for trying to make a better life for herself and her kids.

“She could have been at a bar or at a club and leaving her children in the car,” Bishop said. “Here’s a woman who is an example of someone who is trying – who is trying to better her situation and doing what she can to provide for her children.”