Naked woman arrested, McDonalds*Oh god. Seriously? As a member of the media, I realize we are often trashed for some of the stories we give attention to, but c’mon, we couldn’t create something like this if we tried.

Case in point: A half-nekked [sic] woman – Sandra Saurez – was arrested after she tore up whatever she could put her hands on inside a Pinellas Park fast food restaurant last month.

Is it any surprise that the surveillance footage of her alleged tirade has gone viral?

Footage posted to the website shows the woman’s three-minute tirade inside a McDonald’s restaurant at 66th Street and 102nd Avenue in Pinellas Park.

The video shows the woman — wearing only a thong,  knocking over registers and equipment, emptying contents from a cabinet onto the floor and helping herself to some soft-serve ice cream.

You can hear commentary from off-camera voices, apparently employees, giggling as the surveillance footage rolls.

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