*What would you do if a frat house moved in right next door to you?

Zac Efron and Seth Rogan are showing us what it could be like in, “Neighbors.”

The comedy follows a young couple suffering from arrested development, who are forced to live next to a fraternity house, after the birth of their newborn baby. The intensive conflict between the frat and family will have viewers laughing and roaring like Rogan.

NeighborsNeighbors EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas was at the “Neighbors” premiere in L.A. and found out who the stars would rather have as their neighbors – Seth, Zac or Rose Byrne.

“Probably Rose!” Laughed Rogan. “Zac has a lot of paparazzi that follows him all the time and that would get annoying.”Ike Barinholtz
Comedian Ike Barinholtz, plays Rogan’s recently divorced vulgar friend.

“I would say Seth,” joked Barinholtz. “We are both soft older Jewish men who like to smoke pot and watch TV. Zac’s fun but too young and too good looking. My wife would leave me for him.”

Jessie HeimanJessie Heiman, famous for French kissing a model during a Super Bowl commercial, plays the babysitter.

“I’m going to go with Seth just because I feel like we’d be more buddy-buddy,” explained Heiman. “And we are kind of the same body size.”

James Weaver and Evan Goldberg“Neighbors” producers James Weaver and Evan Goldberg just want to live next to a cook.

“Seth!” Exclaimed Weaver and Goldberg. “Seth barbeques a lot. Having a chef around is a win.”

The stars even brought the frat house foolery to work.

Neighbors“We just got these fully automatic Nerf guns in the office and its turned into anarchy,” shared Goldberg. “We can’t stop pranking  each other. We wait for someone to come in, who is drinking their morning coffee, and then 5 of us jump out, and unload Nerf bullets on them!”

neighbors“Neighbors” hits theaters nationwide on May 9th.
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