nicki minaj - the other woman

*Nicki Minaj is one of hip hop’s biggest stars, but she’s ready to take Hollywood by storm.

The actress and MC’s film, “The Other Woman” opened up at number one last weekend.

But being in a girl-powered comedy about relationship ills, Minaj had her own advice about the men and cheating.

“In relationships, I do think people need to get a taste of their own medicine sometimes,” she said. “Sometimes revenge is the best medicine.”

But for actual other women out there, know this:

“Know your self worth. Get the hell out of that situation,” she said. “If you want a man to take you seriously as a wife then you got to put your foot down.”

She continued with, “men do what you allow. Period.”

Advice aside, she’s looking forward to conquering Hollywood.

She said she would love to work with Meryl Streep, Will Ferrell and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Watch Minaj’s interview below: