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*Nicki Minaj said she was done with bubblegum pop. And she’s a woman of her word.

Her upcoming album, “The Pink Print” will feature harder rap and hip hop.

Thus far, she’s back on her hardcore game with rap-heavy features “My Hitta” and “Danny Glover.”

But she’s also addressing a controversy with Malcolm X‘s family from earlier this year.

Minaj went hard on her track, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga,” but her single artwork featuring X was met with controversy.

It showed the iconic civil rights leader looking out a window with a gun in his hand and critics felt it was inappropriate and in poor taste — including his family.

She apologized for the artwork — however saying her intent was misjudged.

“It was almost parallel in my opinion because he has this big gun ready to shoot at a lookin’ (expletive) bleep, and that’s how I looked at it,” she said. “I looked at it as this is one of the most memorable people in our history, in black history, who voiced his opinion no matter what, and I understand how my intent was overlooked and I definitely didn’t want to offend his family or his legacy.”

Now Minaj is striking back on the new track, “Chi-Raq” featuring Lil Herb and she quickly responded to X’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, in particular. 

She responded with, “Malcolm X daughter came at me; lookin’ ass niggas ain’t happy.”

Her new album is expected to drop sometime later this year.

NSFW, Strong Explicit Language: