*Is that a new hat you’re holding, or are you just happy to see me?

Ellen DeGeneres thought she’d have some fun with Pharrell’s signature Vivienne Westwood hat during his appearance on her talk show Thursday. But the bit with innocent intentions unwittingly turned X-rated when her gift of a long, brown, towering version of the hat came out looking like too much like a penis.

“When you started wearing that Vivienne Westwood hat, I was like, man that’s a big hat,” Ellen said, setting up the gag. “And now I’m so used to it, it doesn’t look that big. So I got you another hat that I think you should start wearing.”

On cue, a production assistant brought out the super tall hat, which Pharrell innocently placed on his lap. The way the shot was framed, it looked as if Mr. “Happy” was a little too happy for daytime.  Ellen noticed the way it looked in the monitor and began laughing to herself.

“I didn’t think you should hold it there, personally. I think you should move it over … Or you can put it on your head. It certainly could have been somewhere else,” she said.

Watch below: