porsha on the view

Porsha Williams of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on the set of “The View’ (April 29, 2014)

*Porsha Williams was literally given the last five minutes of “The View” this morning to discuss her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion fight with Kenya Moore. And NeNe Leakes just happened to be in the audience to give her support. [Scroll down to watch.]

Porsha basically maintained the defense she has used in previous interviews – that she saw Kenya’s scepter and bullhorn as “weapons” and felt threatened.

Co-host Sherri Shepherd asked why she reacted physically this time, when she was able to control herself on other occasions that Kenya taunted her.

“A good example is last season I went to the reunion at that time I was going through a divorce, about to, and all the pressure we normally go through at a reunion, it was there. She was provoking me then and she said I was cheating last season. And the difference this season, she had these weapons, what I call them, some say props. She said she was playing. That’s really the difference, honestly.”

On the legal end of it, Porsha simply shared “I have to go to court, It’s very unfortunate.”

When asked if she’s planning to sue Kenya Moore, she said: “My attorney and I have been talking about that because the scepter that she had was super heavy, it was metal.”

NeNe, in the audience for being eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars,” is asked what why she covered Porsha’s mouth after she was pulled off of Kenya at the reunion taping.

“I knew Porsha was distraught over it. Porsha was screaming saying, ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe I did that’, I just wanted Porsha to not say anything else.” Asked if she felt Porsha was provoked,” NeNe answered: “I do feel she was provoked.”

The panel said Kenya was just having fun with the props and NeNe and Porsha both said it wasn’t fun. Porsha watched the episode “with everyone else” and says “It really hurt me to hear her say that she thought it was for fun or it was a joke.”

Sherri says Porsha should’ve known what she signed up for after watching the show for all these seasons.

“I did not sign up to end up with a mugshot or to be bullied to that level,” Porsha said. “This woman has bullied me and shown me hatred from day one. She had weapons and she reached across Cynthia…It was a horrible moment for me. Immediately I was embarrassed. …I struggled from elementary school, from high school about bullying.”

Watch below.