hillary-clinton-and-barack-obama *It’s good to see that being a gentleman is still alive and well, no matter who you are.

Apparently, President Barack Obama put his chivalry on display Thursday as he made a quick “save” on behalf of his better half, first lady Michelle Obama. The couple was in Houston as they walked up the ramp to Air Force One to prepare to leave for Austin. A gust of wind soon interrupted the proceedings as it threatened to disrupt everything with a potential wardrobe malfunction.

Mr. Obama soon snapped into action as he gently slid his hand to prevent the first lady’s skirt from flying up. Despite the president’s quick thinking, the wind came around for round two when the first couple arrived some 40 minutes later in Austin. As the wind challenged the skirt, Mr. Obama’s quickness went into effect again while helping to preserve the first lady’s privacy.

To see president Obama’s quick “save” for yourself, check out the video below:

As President Obama played superhero, Hilary Clinton exercised her super speed to thwart an unidentified woman who made her presence known by throwing a shoe at the former Secretary of State during a speech she gave Thursday.

According to TMZ, which obtained a video of the incident, Clinton was holding court at Mandalay Bay for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries when the woman threw the shoe at her. To her credit, Clinton not only dodged the shoe, but she even managed to make light of the situation for those in attendance.

Needless to say, the woman who threw the shoe was quickly escorted out of the hotel. Sources with law enforcement stated the assailant is currently in custody with the Secret Service.

The shoe thrower was escorted out of the hotel immediately — and law enforcement sources tell us, she’s currently in custody with the Secret Service.

News of Clinton’s shoe encounter echoes a similar attempt made on former President George W. Bush, who famously dodged two shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist in 2008.

To Hilary Clinton’s artful shoe dodge, check out the video below: