celeb & groupies

*The most popular trend of today is the celebration of women who earn their money the erect way, well..the hard way.

That would be the gold-digging groupie, or the woman who may not be most likely to succeed, but she could be most likely to get a reality show.

Prepare your daughters, here are a few ways to turn your child into a gold-digging groupie:

1)   Make sure she watches plenty of reality TV:  This is the training ground for materialistic women with no purpose in life other than to brag about the men they’ve slept with.  The earlier you brainwash your child with these shows, the easier it’ll be to train her.

2)   Teach her the economic value of getting pregnant:  If your daughter gives birth to a little ATM machine like Evelyn Lozada did, she has hit the jackpot.  So, the injection of bodily fluids from random, promiscuous men is welcome, as long as they pay the price of admission.

3)   Remind her that a woman’s value is skin deep:  No need to worry about silly things like intelligence or integrity, that’s for the fat, ugly girls.  Your daughter’s self-worth must always remain one-dimensional.  Never let her lose focus.

4)   Tell her to learn where wealthy men roam:  To catch a bear, you have to go to the right part of the woods.   She should try to get a job in a hotel where athletes stay, or even spend hours in freezing weather standing outside concerts in seductive miniskirts.  This will surely help her catch the man of her dreams who will love her forever.

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