couple in embrace*Waiting for marriage or nah?

How many male readers have heard the following claims from females: “I’m waiting until marriage to have intercourse;” “I’m waiting until marriage to give oral;” or “I’m waiting until marriage to let a man οrgasm in my mouth”?

I hear males write these things off as childish, ridiculous, and petty time and time again. Many men don’t understand why someone would partake in one form of intimacy, yet “save” the other side for their future husband. I have heard someone make the argument that you either have a tendency to be “freaky” in you or you don’t, and a marriage certificate won’t affirm that you are 100 percent ready to physically please your husband — I beg to differ.

With the instability of relationships in this day and age, it is very easy to find yourself involved with numerous people in a short period of time. How often do we see long-term relationships amongst young couples (ages 18-32)?

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