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*(Via iDateDaily) – Some say that trust is the core of relationships; they believe it is what glues two people together.

But, should you really be completely honest about every single detail of your life?

Should you tell your partner EVERYTHING? Is being dishonest a better option, especially when you’ve cheated on them? What if you have a secret that you know may hurt and upset your partner?

In relationships, it is always tempting to just be quiet, lie, and rationalize not telling your significant other the truth about something that may “rock the boat” in your relationship. And maybe you think it was just a one-time thing and there’s NO way it will happen again, so why put your partner through all the hurt?

I’ve had friends who have crossed that path once, well, maybe twice…or thrice. And some of them have psyched their emotions by equipping themselves to hold their silence to the grave. Some have become philosophical about their approach saying that there are some things better left unsaid, which challenges the thought that by keeping quiet is not the same as lying.

Or is it? What is the “right” thing to do?

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