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*(Via iDateDaily) – We are fond of labeling, contrary to claims that we are not. And there is nothing really horrible with putting labels in the right context because names and descriptions give us the sense of knowing what we are; and yes, who we are.

With this particular label, it’s sometimes called Gender-blind. Others term it as Omnisëxual. The fast-growing and more popular term is Pansexual.

Reading the Labels
Urban Dictionary defines a pansexual as “A person who is sëxually interested in other people regardless of gender including males, females, transsëxuals, gender bender, hermaphrodites, intersëxuals, etc.” In other words, an all-embracing love, platonic or sëxual.

The definition of pansëxual at least sets a tone for the ultimate in acceptance and understanding; but will there be non-consenters still out there ready to continue to fight their own cause in the future? Will they still have cards to play that do not include the procreation of the species trump card? Will advances in technology keep up with the free sëxual opinion-era seekers that will argue to their dying day that the age of a traditional mommy and daddy needs to evolve and re-balance just like the physical planet we live on?

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