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*(Via iDateDaily) – A woman once wrote in to iDateDaily and asked us this question:

”I know that my boyfriend is bad for me.  He’s abusive, he’s arrogant, he’s careless, and he’s not even that good in the bedroom.  But for some reason, when I meet great men, I still can’t keep my mind off of him.  I can’t put my finger on it, and it’s driving me crazy.

I need help trying to figure out what it is that this man does that makes me keep coming back to him, so that I can identify the issue, confront it, and go on with my life.”

Most of us have had a similar experience.  In fact, there are scientists who say that a woman knows within five minutes if she wants to sleep with a man or not.  That’s scary.  This means that, having the wrong person in your life for just five minutes can literally ruin your life or lead to the creation of another human life.  This isn’t an issue to be taken lightly.

Do you know what makes you swoon after one person and feel disgusted by another?  Do you ever wonder why you simply can’t resist that person you would hate in an alternative universe?

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