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*(Via iDateDaily) – A regular reader asked me the other day, “How do I keep my man?  I don’t want him to find someone else.”

Well ladies, you can’t.  If a man is not happy, or he’s starting to look at other women, or he’s starting to dream of a better life that doesn’t feature you in it, then chances are, he is either going to stray or just walk out.

But, here are three top tips that may help you if you feel your man is not that focused on you in your relationship.

1. Communicate wisely – This is one of the top complaints I hear from men all the time.  They see their partner in an obviously bad mood.  When he asks her what’s wrong, she replies, “Nothing!”  Because, as my good friend Kathy says – he should know what’s wrong.
Ladies, you need to tell your man what’s wrong.  He can’t read your mind and when he asks, he genuinely wants to know what’s wrong.  But communicate wisely!  If he’s spent the last three nights with his friends, but doesn’t want to take you out to dinner this weekend, then say so.  But do it calmly and reasonably.  It’s only fair that you two have some alone time together.  But if he leaves the toilet seat up, does that warrant a bad mood and big discussion on ways to behave in the bathroom?  Choose your battles wisely and communicate in his language.

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