black couple - head to head

*(Via iDateDaily) – People who were reluctantly shoved in this dreaded relationship label named the “friendzone,” complain that all there is to experience are frustration and misery for company. And hey, it’s not just the men. A fair share of ladies have also experienced this black hole.

So yes, if you’re attracted to someone, it’s always good to know EXACTLY if he’s into you or not. This will help you navigate to other seas and oceans and fish for a more interesting catch, if he isn’t into you like that.

Here are some of the signs to look for if you have been deemed “just a friend” by a male companion you’re attracted to:

  1. He shamelessly shares his disgusting habits (e.g. farting or snorting) with you early on in your interaction. Look, there’s a clear line that separates him from being nice and comfortable in your presence from being side-lined as potential mate. He’s not into you when he doesn’t think twice demonstrating his cringing horrible ways.

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