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*(Via iDateDaily) There are articles on top of articles and books on top of books telling women what they should or shouldn’t do in relationships… I know you ladies are tired of it.

I hear and see your complaints. There’s this overall sense that men aren’t urged to hold themselves accountable for their actions, and I do understand and somewhat agree with that sentiment.

But after the finger-pointing, there still lies a disconnect. So what can we do about that?

Contrary to what some ladies may have been told, men are not mind readers — no matter how much you may want us to be. Should we know certain things? Sure, but ultimately for any change to happen we have to know a problem exists. I have lady friends complain to me about men all the time and I never fail to ask them, “ Well did you tell him what he said wrong? Did you tell him how he made you feel when he did that to you? Did you tell him not to address you as ‘Ma’ because he’s not your son? Did you tell him to open your door for you because you only date guys who exhibit chivalry?”

I’m not suggesting that men should not already come to you pre-packaged with common sense; unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common. But before you diss the man, take time to consider the factors that may have contributed to his behavior. He may have never seen a successful healthy relationship up close and personal. His influences may only be Hip-Hop Music and misogynistic movies. He may have also come across women in his past with low self-esteem and/or lack of patience to correct him on his behavior as it pertains to his interaction with women.

This, in no way, is a cop-out for him, but it is a likely possibility. In order to move forward in a more beneficial direction for women (collectively), two things must happen:

1. Men must be willing to make the necessary changes and educate themselves on a more tasteful way to interact with their female counterparts.

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