black couple

*(Via iDateDaily) – First impressions are impressionable and I’m still waiting to be impressed. Your face is attractive and your breαsts sit up nicely, your jeans are having trouble containing all that ass, and although visually appealing, I’d rather eat my entrée first before I skip to dessert. So pardon me sweetheart, but f**k your pu**y. There’s so much more I want out of a woman. I know life experiences have created a paradigm that gives you a skewed understanding about my interests and needs from a woman as a black man. I know you’ve been conditioned to think that I want nothing more from you but to have you shake it like a red nose and drop it like it’s hot ,but there’s more to life.

“Why give a b*tch your heart when she rather have a purse, why give a b*tch an inch when she rather have 9, you know how the game go, she’ll be mine by halftime” – Lil Wayne

As Lil Wayne said in Chris Brown’s latest single “Loyal,” why give a woman your heart when she would rather have a purse? Why give her an inch when she’d rather have nine (Note: Nine = The Size of a Man’s Pënis)? Lil Wayne is illustrating an ideology that is held by millions of men across the country. He’s admitting that he believes his only value is in his ability to purchase handbags and “lay pipe” in the bedroom. So instead of giving women these other qualities that I’m most certain they would appreciate in addition to handbags and amazing intimacy, men like Lil Wayne stop short of that, operating under the assumption that the latter will be enough to satisfy the relational transaction.

We each have within us intrinsic value that will benefit one another, but it will be hard to showcase if we aren’t conscious of it’s true value as well as it’s marketability. We have no problem showcasing our extrinsic value. For men, it can be seen when posting pictures of stacks of cash, the new rims on that expensive car, or our muscular physiques. Women do the same — in their own way. I don’t illustrate these things disparagingly; it’s totally understandable. It attracts us to one another but it can not sustain our relations because it is merely an extrinsic value, i.e. a means to an end.

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