Shavonne McGhee-Brown & Hohn Coley

*(Via Chicago Sun Times) – He’s a middle-aged Chicago man with a girlfriend half his age. But did he also sleep with her mother?

That shocking story now cannot be exposed.

The day before they were set to appear on The Maury Show in Connecticut, John Coley, 46, and Shantae Shavonne McGhee-Brown, 25, also from Chicago, allegedly got into a heated argument at a Norwalk, Conn., hotel where they were staying, police said.

Coley and McGhee-Brown were both arrested April 1 on a range of misdemeanor charges, including disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, police said.

The couple’s tawdry tale was supposed to unfold in front of Povich and a live studio audience, but it appears the couple couldn’t wait.

Lawd, have mercy! Get the rest of the story at the Chicago Sun-Times.