donald sterling & v. stiviano

*The alleged  Donald Sterling racist recording drama is getting deeper and more unbelievable.

Amazingly, the LA Clippers owner KNEW he was being taped when he went on a racist rant, according the woman who taped him, V. Stiviano (scroll down to listen to it).

Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

A source connected with V. Stiviano tells TMZ Sports … the full conversation lasted approximately 1 hour.  We’re told Stiviano insists it was clear to Sterling at the beginning of the conversation he was being recorded.

What’s more … our sources say Stiviano routinely recorded her conversations with Sterling as HIS “archivist.”  And what’s more … she would regularly play the tapes back to him because he would often forget what he had said.

Our sources say sometime after the tape was recorded on April 9 … Stiviano and Sterling got in an argument because he wanted her to sign a confidentiality agreement … which she would not.  We’re told he then denied ever making the racist statements on the tape, so she played the entire tape for back him … before it was ever posted on TMZ Sports.

Good lawd! Not that it’ll help, but maybe the old fool can claim senility

Listen to the purported conversation between Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano: