richard sherman and desean jackson*DeSean Jackson’s release from The Philadelphia Eagles has ruffled feathers among those in and outside the team. Particularly Richard Sherman, who called out the Eagles while defending his childhood friend.

In a column entitled “Stardom Doesn’t Change Where You’re From” for, Sherman detailed how he and Jackson grew up together in Southern California. Regarding the Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback let be known that he believes the team is guilty of a double standard.

Despite releasing Jackson over worries about the wide receiver’s alleged gang ties, Sherman noted that Philadelphia resigned Riley Cooper, a white player who was caught on video using racial slurs.

“This offseason they re-signed a player who was caught on video screaming, ‘I will fight every n—– here.’ He was representing the Philadelphia Eagles when he said it, because, of course, everything we do is reflective of the organization,” Sherman wrote. “But what did they do to Riley Cooper, who, if he’s not a racist, at least has “ties” to racist activity? They fined him and sent him to counseling. No suspension necessary for Cooper and no punishment from the NFL, despite its new interest in policing our use of the N-word on the field. Riley instead got a few days off from training camp and a nice contract in the offseason, too. Commit certain crimes in this league and be a certain color, and you get help, not scorn.”

Sherman isn’t the only one on the anti-Eagles team. According to, Jackson’s release prompted former NFL players Derrick Ward and Donté Stallworth to voice their displeasure with the team via Twitter.

Although his exit was less than professional, Jackson has bounced back by signing a three-year contract with the Washington Redskins. However, with Jackson and Washington’s star quarterback and franchise player Robert Griffin III wearing the No. 10 on their respective jerseys, a new dilemma emerges.

“I am definitely familiar with the No. 10 on Robert Griffin,” Jackson told USA Today. “But, you know, we’ve talked about it a little bit, but there hasn’t been a decision that’s been made yet so far. But maybe RG3 will wear No. 3 and I’ll try to get in 10. We’ll see how it goes though. Never know.”

Fortunately for fans, the dilemma didn’t last long as Griffin revealed the outcome on Twitter:

Robert Griffin III ✔ @RGIII

Fans everywhere please calm down. Not changing my # @DeseanJackson10 will kick off his new beginning with us in a new one #HTTR

Meanwhile, Jackson apparently has decided on a new favorite number: