close rihanna hood

*After seven albums, Rihanna has moved on!

The “Stay” singer has left her former record label Island Def Jam, which is now a stand-alone label. Now she’s just on the new Def Jam.

“At the heart of these great companies is the vision and creative instincts of a team of passionate professionals. At UMG, our labels are empowered to be entrepreneurial and take creative risks,” UMG’s Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge explained in a statement.

He continued with:

“By re-establishing Def Jam, Island and Motown as stand-alone labels within the UMG family, we’re positioning them to recapture the uniqueness of their brands and serve artists with the singularity of vision, focus and creativity that was at the core of their original success.”

marlon wayans

*Speaking of RiRi, Marlon Wayans wants to hook up with her and Beyonce.

Wayans was interviewed by Sana G Morning Show on 106 KMEL and talked about how he wanted to have a threesome with RiRi and Bey.

He didn’t stop there!

He joked around about fighting Drake and Jay Z for their women and then said, “actually, I can’t fight Jay… what can you do to a guy that already has two swole lips!!”

Also, Wayans went as far as calling Tupac the softest gangster ever for his extra soft skin — giving him the nickname “Palmolive Thug.”